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I just joined this club. Gr8 idea!
What do You think about white choco with raspberries? To me it sounds totally perfect! :)
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Almost germain to the topic I think, at least the poem is nice.

Please Vote for us!

Oh Raspberry Community,
I would like for you to help me,
Because I live here in Europe,
And the quality of the syrup,
Made from the blessed stuff,
is badly not up to snuff.

And I really start to tearin,
because here they are called Himbeeren,
Which is sexist although Herbeeren would be tough,
So if you all would vote,
I hope this post won't get your goat,
then my band and I can play in the US

And I will buy a ton of very
very beautiful raspberries,
and I will eat them

and smile and think of you,
and that would be the best.

Hit this link. If the link works. I need a little help. We're in first. We have 8000 plus votes. We need to stay on top. I want to come home. Even if it's just for a little while. Help a brother out.


Ps if the link doesn't work then hit this up


Giddy Up. I need some support



Otherwise cockney London style rasberries to all of you.

The Dreamsbox & Sinsbox Projects | share dreams and sins

Hey all,

I was on blinklist and saw the following article about dreamsbox.com and sinsbox.com. Since its revelant to this community, I thought I would share it:

"Two documentation projects emerged this month to spearhead a new push in the Web
2.0 era for simplicity. The Dreamsbox (http://www.dreamsbox.com) Project seeks to
document the world's dreams, allowing for anonymous posting of dreams along with
the creations of free personal dream diaries. The Sinsbox Project (http://www.sinsbox.com) seeks to document sins and secrets, allowing for anonymous confessions and submissions of expressional art. Both projects allow for a unique rating system..."

Both projects are actually pretty addictive and fun. I love the fact that they're simple to use but their design kinda suck and sinsbox.com is a bit too dark and scandalous for me but nonetheless i'm addicted. As it turns out the guy who started the 2 projects went to school with me back in the days! Now I guess he's an internet junkie. haha! Anyways, please spread the word about these 2 projects to friends and family if you can through word of mouth or through your own postings. In general, I just think that these two projects are very decent in terms of what they're trying to do. Read the "about" page to learn how cool these people are.
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Hi everyone. I've been lurking in this community for awhile but haven't posted yet. I just wanted to share my joy today:

Today I went to get lunch from one of those places where you can pick what you want and they weigh it. You know those places that are always on the news because they'll kill you. Anyway, I don't care, because today they had RASPBERRIES! I'm sure they meant for you to put a few in your fruit salad if you wanted to, but I took like three scoops of them. About as many as you'd get in those pitiful (yet ridiculously expensive) containers they have at the super market. And for way cheaper since raspberries don't weigh that much.

I'm always upset by how few raspberries you get when you buy a container of them. When I was young my grandmother had wild raspberry bushes behind her farm and I'm used to picking them and just eating them in handfulls.

So, naturally, this made my day.

hey dere peepz

um ello out dere i dnt mean 2 b rude 2 u pplz coz ur reel ppl bt i fink ur a bunch o losrz @ da mo n dat u shud listn 2 kewl muSic n WeaR kewl ClothS so Dat u Gt noTicd n u can B popular Like me.

jst remembr im tryin 2 elp u.

lots o luv **~~~PhiL~~~**
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note to the moderator

Due to the influx of non-raspberry posts lately, I am volunteering my services as a temporary co-moderator! I'd be glad to help you delete said posts.

Also, as exclusive as it sounds, I'd change the options so that people have to be approved before they're a member; also, I'd screen the posts (meaning you'd have to approve them before they'd appear).

I am on the computer always from 9-5:30 EST and sometimes in the evenings. I'd be more than happy to do what I can to alleviate this situation :)