March 19th, 2005


ohmigosh awsome........ raspberies are life

hi I had to join
this is the best lj community ive joined yet

my best friends grand mother has this awesome overflowing raspberry bush growing in her back yard over an almost vertical dropping hill and we go whenever its fruiting and get every last berrie of even if it means a ridiculous tumble down a hill and staining whatever were wearing red forever
any ways I know allot of cool raspberry recipes and drinks and so on and so forth so Il keep posting till I'm out then think of some more

hoooorah for raspberries
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I just ate an entire box of raspberries. They were delish.

Well, I guess that's not entirely true. I didn't eat the whole box. I left the grossish moldy ones out. Has anyone ever gotten an entire good box of raspberries? An entire box without one moldy berry?

The day I get an entire box of good berries will be the day my life is truly 100% complete.

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