robert_johnson (robert_johnson) wrote in angryraspberry,

Almost germain to the topic I think, at least the poem is nice.

Please Vote for us!

Oh Raspberry Community,
I would like for you to help me,
Because I live here in Europe,
And the quality of the syrup,
Made from the blessed stuff,
is badly not up to snuff.

And I really start to tearin,
because here they are called Himbeeren,
Which is sexist although Herbeeren would be tough,
So if you all would vote,
I hope this post won't get your goat,
then my band and I can play in the US

And I will buy a ton of very
very beautiful raspberries,
and I will eat them

and smile and think of you,
and that would be the best.

Hit this link. If the link works. I need a little help. We're in first. We have 8000 plus votes. We need to stay on top. I want to come home. Even if it's just for a little while. Help a brother out.


Ps if the link doesn't work then hit this up

Giddy Up. I need some support



Otherwise cockney London style rasberries to all of you.
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